How can I configure Nightbot for my viewers who just arrive on my stream?

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I’m actually streaming on PC with Twitch. I have already configured TwitchAlert to have special messages (new followers)

I have already seen that when you arrive on a twitch channel Nightbot who said : "Hello Lozcopolo welcome here, enjoy !!"
So my question is how can I create a custom message for someone who just arrived on the channel…

Thank you for your help !! :smiley:

Nightbot doesn’t have the ability welcome new followers or people who have just entered the channel. This is often seen as spammy for the chat and it is not something that will be supported.

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Considering that this isn’t possible it likely wasn’t what you think. You can make a nightbot command that automatically responds to messages like “hello” but its not possible to do exactly what you described.

Allright !
Thank you for your quick answer and sorry for disturbing you :stuck_out_tongue:

No disturbance at all, its a common question people have.

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