How can I check my nighbot timer go right?


I would like to know how can I check that my timers go right(before I start streaming), is any command for this or another way?

Thank you

What do you want to test exactly?
The content of the timer? You can test that by adding the same content to a chat command and try it out that way.
You can’t really test the timer itself since it will require chat activity.

thank you,

I want to test if content of the timer show in properly, how I want, how I set up - in meaning that right sentece will be in right line, I am afriad that nightbot marge all senteces in the one line and I want to test how will look content when nighbot timer start working - hope that you understand me… :wink:

I see, as I said you can just copy everything from the ‘Message’ field at timers, into the ‘Message’ field when you create a new command, for example !test. Then just type !test in your chat, this will look exactly the same as when the timer will post it.

But if I’m understanding you correctly you have multiple lines? Linebreaks are not supported on Twitch and this will be displayed in one line/sentence.

Thank you, you really help me man…

Have a nice day and weekend… :wink:

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