How can an emote be used globally?
i enabled sharing on my emote but can’t view it outside of my channel (which is pretty pointless)
how can you make an emote work globally like for example KKool?
thanks for any help in advance

Sharing allows other streamers to add your emote to their channel to be seen by people in chat. Emotes uploaded to BetterTTV are channel emotes meaning they work in the uploaded channel and shared channels. Not globally, that would be crazy.

Global emotes (the ones allowed everywhere) are decided by the BetterTTV team, closer to what you want are personal emotes, which are allowed if you have BetterTTV Pro

BetterTTV Pro grants you up to 25 channel emotes, 25 shared emotes, priority emote approval, and allows up to 5 channel and shared non-GIF personal emotes to be used globally by you (not others) on BetterTTV

I believe KKool is a gif emote, so that wouldn’t be allowed even with pro.

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oh ok i get it now… so i can’t do much FeelsBadMan
btw: by the pointless thing i meant that i don’t actually stream im just a regular follower of some peeps
and didn’t mean ,how can you make an emote work globally like for example KKool?’’ that it’s a gif but that BTTV says the KKool was originally requested
but well thanks for help again

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