How can activate the gifs on Opera browser?

I want activate the gifs on Opera browser and I don’t find the settings of BetterTTV on the icon of settings of Twitch. I searched the option for activate the gifs in the settings of the same BetterTTV and I don’t finded the option.
I want know if I can activate the gifs on Opera and I want know where I can find the needed option.

You should be able to toggle all BTTV settings regardless of what browser you’re using, the BetterTTV GIF Emotes option can be found here

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Thank you Stoupedog. I can solved the problem and I finded the option.
I was using another extension on Opera. I see now that BetterTTV of Nightdev don’t appear on the store of Opera and I had that download the extension from the oficial website and install it manually.
Too I see that changed of site the option. Previously the option are ubicated on the settings icon of the chat of a channel of Twitch.
Sorry for the post, it was my error. I don’t noticed the difference. Sorry for waste your time.
Thank you again.

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