Hovering Over Emotes Doesn't Show Anything

It’s a recent problem only occurring on my new PC, I had BTTV on it by default, and it all worked fine at first. Then BTTV stopped working altogether for a little while, I uninstalled my antivirus and BTTV started working again, the only thing I notice not working is this one feature, and I know it will be extremely annoying to me to not have when I see people using obscure emotes I’ve never seen before.

I checked with my old laptop, and hovering over emotes still works on there, so I don’t know what went wrong here, they both use the same version of BTTV

This was apart of a short outage when we encountered unexpected configuration issues while upgrading our SSL certificate. The API, which powers this feature, is now back online. Refresh any Twitch pages you have open to fix this issue.

Okay, I thought that might have been it at first, but then I didn’t understand why it worked on my laptop but not on my desktop, I’m still not entirely sure on that, but it is working on my desktop now, and that’s all that matters, so thanks.

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