Hover over link not working?

I am on the latest version of chrome as of this post being Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and the “Link preview when hovering over links” is not working for me. I have done the following. Disabled all extensions not including betterttv, reinstalled betterttv before and after disabling all extensions. reset chrome all together including cookies, history, etc. and nothing seems to be fixing the issue. I have asked others and they have had 0 issues with it. I have tried it on both youtube links, and gyazo. any help would be greatly appreciated. I will add it worked before, as for which version I am unaware of which.

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That setting was removed in a recent update to the extension, as it wasn’t that useful and broken for many links. You’re actually the only person in the past couple weeks since we removed it to mention anything about it.

I agree, I always used the feature kinda sucks its gone now.

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