Host button has disappeared

What happened to the host button? When I logged into Twitch today there is no host button? Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still the same problem. Please help!!!

Have you enabled the host button in your BetterTTV settings? The host button is not enabled by default.

The host button is currently working fine for me.

The button is still missing for me,ever since i updated to HTML 5 yesterday. BTTV settings are correct but still no Button ??

This issue has been resolved.

I have recently been upgraded to HTML5. The Host Button is still missing for me. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling BTTV and toggling the Host Button option. No success.

I am pretty sure this has something to do with the new Twitch channel format.

Please help and address this issue.

The Host button is working fine on the new layout. It however won’t appear on the old layout, if you still have the old layout without any modifying extensions this is a Twitch issue.

I still do not have it even with the new button arrangement.


image updated.

You’re currently not being served the new layout, this bug has already been reported to Twitch.

New Layout

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