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Host Alert not showing 0 viewers on every host


So here is my problem.
When I m getting host, no matter how much the viewers of the host are, I always get 0 viewers shown from the Host Alert.
In the twitch chat I see the normal numbers of viewers I get from the host.
Sooo what should I do?


Do you have an example of what the text in chat said when you were hosted?


So I don t have any screenshots, but I can get some from the vids I have. But before going there , what my problem is if this helps you. Ehm , its exactly if testing. When you test the host alert it says NewHost (0 Viewers) . Thats what happens in every host to me, but not the test ones, the real ones. Its time it’s like that Name (0 Viewers) and then I got to my twitch channel chat to see the real number :confused:


If you know the exact text it shows in chat we can try to fix the problem. If Twitch is returning the value 0, however, there’s nothing we can fix.


Ok I ll try and send you then 2 screenshots with the exact texts and see what we can do, thanks in advance!


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