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Hitbox and streamtip


Hello ladies and gentlepeople,

Out of no reason my streamtip just stopped working AND I CANT FIGURE IT OUT WHY

SO i double- tripple -QUADRA checked my info did nummerious tests with the add tip etc.

i even went to the sources on obs to check if evrything is linked

BUT even the app (streamtip application) that shows the doantion dosent even trigger?

i have then again checked the info but can figure out what the problem is?? should i just reinstall streamtip?



Can you provide more information on what is going on inside the alerter application? Is there any errors provided?

We have a debugging guide at Debugging the Streamtip Alerter (not the visual alerter) as well.


ok so i reinstalled it its good now

but your follower alert programm are you gonna make it for hitbox to??


We are not thinking about making the follower alert compatible with Hitbox at this time, sorry.


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