Highlighting keywords in KapChat


So I am using a stream layout that displays the twitch chat. I used to achieve this with an older version of BTTV that was using “black mode”. It also conveniently had a text highlighter for certain keywords that are important to me. Since black mode got deprecated, I had to switch to using KapChat to fill the gap in the layout since it has the black chat theme, but it doesn’t do text highlighting on it’s own.

Is there a way to get text highlighting for keywords in KapChat, by any means?

Thank you!

KapChat is only for your stream, not for you to view from. You should still keep Twitch chat up for personal use, including highlights.

Thanks for the fast reply!

Too bad though, it was a great tool to make stream highlights from user input that way. It made editing those video’s easier for me.

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