Highlight Keywords seems bugged in a minor way

Previously my own chat comments would be highlighted, because I added my own username to the list of keywords, (HearthPoe).

Now, my chat comments are not highlighted, even though my username is still in my list of keywords. This change occurred today sometime. Everything was fine 24 hours ago.

I’ve run CCleaner to clear out all caches and such (since this has solved strange problems with BTTV in the past), but it did nothing this time.

Is this a known bug? I like to have my own comments highlighted so I can see them within the flood of other comments.

Hey Hearthpoe,

The best thing to do would be to go back into the BTTV settings (Cog wheel on Twitch chat box then “Set Highlight Keywords” and remove what is there then hit ok. Once that is done, refresh your page and go back into the cog wheel and reopen the “Set Highlight Keywords” section. Then re-add your username with nothing around it (brackets of any kind) and then even try putting your username in brackets.
It should then look like this


Best way to test would to have a friend enter your channel chat and test your username out in chat once both of you have connected or enter a channel and say “Hi” and see if people respond with your username and hopefully it should work.

Vaughn Whiskey

Thanks. I did that. I had a friend come into my channel. My highlight keywords consist of only hearthpoe. Just that one word. Nothing else.

When my friend types hearthpoe in chat, his comment is highlighted. When I type hearthpoe in chat, my comment is not highlighted.

Yesterday, my comment would have been highlighted. Today it is not. Very strange. Which is what makes me think it’s some recently introduced bug.

The highlight feature is used for when people mention your name. I am not sure why you would want the highlight feature to highlight your own name when you type it but if a user types your name in chat and it is highlighted, the system is working as it should.
I tested with my account.

My channel

Friends channel.

Does it really matter why I want it to highlight my own comments? It used to do just that with a keyword of (hearthpoe), now it doesn’t.

I’m a mod on a very very busy chat channel. I find it very convenient for it to highlight my comments, as it makes it easier to scroll back to specific points in chat.

I’ve just noticed this issue as well.
I like having my own messages highlighted, it’s really useful for busy chats just to make sure my message sent/to reference that point/double check what I sent/etc.

In the refactoring of chat code, a check may have been added to prevent your own text from being highlighted. This may be in error, so I’ll investigate why it may have been changed.

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