Hi! I wanted help with a simple hello/greet echo command

I hope you can help.
I want a command where if somebody says hello @user then Nightbot will also say something to that user, like “Hello @user!”

For example
User1: Hello @user2! How are you doing?
Nightbot: Hello @user2! Nice to see you

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: =^__^=

Hey @CindyPlayz!

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Thank you! Do you know how I would be able to have nightbot only trigger a response when my moderator says this specific phrase? “Hello @user” as opposed to responding every time somebody just says “Hello”.

The reason for this is that I want Nightbot to send a specific string of text to the user (tagging them) when the moderator of my channel chooses by using “Hello @user


User1 enters chat for the first time.
User1: Hi guys. I’m new here
Mod: Hello @user1 nice to meet you
Nightbot: Hey @user1 it’s great to see you. Welcome to the ____ family (etc etc etc)

Simply make the command only available to moderators and above, either by going to your dashboard and editing the command there, or by editing the command’s userlevel through the chat like so:

!editcom hello -ul=mod

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