Hey BTTV. Question here

English not my native. Sry.
So, few weeks i see random dota\lol streamers in my followed channels. Is it your promoted shiet or something?
I never watched lol\dota streams. And just cant follow anything like this. Twitch support said they dunno whats going on and why i see unwanted channels in my follow list. Its happen 1 time per 1-3days.
So, i have only 1 reason, its your intervention.

Nothing wrong here. Might be on your end…

We don’t alter any Twitch functionality for promoted channels.

So its not you i guess. But problem still exist and very annoy me. I ask your advice, bettertv community.
Why i am still see random dota streamers in my followed list? Any idia how to resolve it?
Fking Twitch keep silence almost 2 weeks. They do not answer for my new request. I only one user of my twitch account and computer. I am deleted twitch app from phone. I set new passwords. AAAND nothing changed.

You may have authorized third-party services to manage parts of your Twitch account which could be following accounts for you. I would recommend revoking permissions for any services you don’t recognize or think could be related from the Connections tab in your Twitch settings.

Good idea. I checked and find something like Twitch chat auth or something token. Does not look like it was a problem but i uncheck it for testing. No more others “connections”.
Ty for answer.

If you use Twitch’s mobile app it might be following streamers automatically. You should be complaining to Twitch about this, not us. BetterTTV does not auto-follow you to channels.

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