Help With !Regulars


I have moderator on someone’s stream on YouTube and we have been trying for the past couple of days to enable regulars. We have linked Nighbot to the discord server, synced roles, and have also synced our youtube account with Discord.

I watch the streams on Youtube from Chrome. Everytime in chat we try to do ‘!regulars add Brad’ it comes back with: “Youtube returned an invalid response. Try again later.”

The Youtuber gave me Nightbot manager, so I decided to go into the panel of Nightbot and manually add Regulars and sure enough came back with the same error.

The regulars command is enabled and there is no custom command named ‘regulars’. If someone could help me out, that’d be great.

To add Regulars on YouTube you have to paste the user’s channel link. Like "!Regulars add [here you paste the user’s link]. Or on Nightbot dashboard, you can go to Regulars and also add the user’s channel link.
That’s how I do anyways. Should work for you too!

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