Help with Nightbot commands

Hey everyone!
When you put in the random viewer code, what is the code to get a random answer (that you type into nightbot)?
Hopefully this makes sense and you guys can help!
Thank you all in advance,

You talk about the code to create a own command or one code to create a random answer command in

In php the code is:

<?php $answers = array( "Answer1", "Answer2", "Answer3", "Answer4" ); $random = array rand($answer); echo $answers[$random]; ?>

After doing this, you upload the command to the Internet and make the next command in nightbot

!addcom ![command a name] $(urlfetch [URL of the command you uploaded to the internet])

I don’t quite understand what a “the random viewer code” is. Depending on what type of random answers you want we can start to figure out where to start.

Hey @Leigha_Edmonson!

Please use the search bar, it’s likely we already covered your question.

I’m thinking this could help, but without a clearer message, we can’t help:

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