Help with [CUSTOMAPI]

I would like you to help me create a command to fight with another viewer Example:! Kamaz Darkcool Fight Le Mete 88 Beating Kamaz


this is the one I’m currently using in someone’s stream. you can modify the responses to your liking.

!addcom !fight -cd=5 @$(user) Picked a fight with @$(touser). $(eval var sayings = ["$(touser) spanked $(user).", ‘It was a draw.’, “$(user) Ko’d $(touser) with one punch!”, “They’re both scared and and neither wants to throw the first punch. BOO!.”, “Oh shite! $(touser) has a gun!”, “$(user) owned $(touser).”, “Stop hiting yourself $(user).”, “$(touser) was no match for $(user).”, “$(user) is victorious!”, “You call that fighting?”]; sayings[Math.floor(Math.random() * sayings.length)]:wink:

If you see a smiley face, replace it with “; )” with no spaces

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Could you put it in Spanish? please

What kind of responses would you like? Make me a list and I will fit as many as possible since there is a character limit.

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