Help with CSS + follower alert: cutting off half of my follow alert image

Hi nightdev forums! I’m newish to CSS and can’t figure out how to work this out. ):

I made my follow alert an animated gif that makes my background go “wew rainbows!” for a few seconds as the follow alert plays. The image is 805 x 1080. In the old OBS I had an alert that was bigger than the default Nightdev size and it worked fine – and I did essentially this – but I can’t figure out how to fix this cropping problem. Half of my image is cut off and I don’t have any ideas of how to fix it.

Here’s the follower-alert image:

Here’s what it looks like on my OBS/ the CSS:

(I don’t have the Test_User name lined up right yet cause I haven’t been able to get past this hurtle)

And yeah, that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. If anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it. I just don’t know CSS well enough or have friends to help me out to figure this out.

Unfortunately we don’t officially provide support for custom CSS, sorry. If someone else wants to reply they are welcome to, however.

Yeah, I figured as much. I’m just hopeful that someone who has an idea will come in and at least point me in the right direction for solving it. :slight_smile:

I can try, do you have the link you use in your CRL browser + current CSS?

Oh thank you. ;_; Let me know if there’s anything more you need to know:

That’s my URL

and my CSS so far is supremely basic haha…

body {

#follower-alert {
    width: 805px !imporant;
    height: 1080px !important;

That’s all it is so far. If you need anything plz let me know.

Try changing width: imporant -> important :slight_smile:

After that you’ll need something like:

#follower-alert .text{
    padding-top: 1000px;
    padding-left: 300px;

Since the text align center wont work with the extra long bar on the left side.

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