Help with creating a custom command

Hey everyone,

First thanks to anyone who is able or even tries to help me with this.
I am wanting to make either a custom command or better yet a timer that will do it automatically.

We have this thing we are doing on our channel where a Mod will keep track of our best Quotes from the stream and turn them into funny #outofcontextquotes.

I would like to either made a command that the mods can use to bring up a random one, or set a timer to do it for us. I know that I would have to compile them, which I have them all. Just need help with writing the command.

Thanks again for anyone who is willing to help.


For a quote system check out [CustomAPI] Quote system

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Thank you for the post. It worked great. Was a slight pain to imput the quotes during a stream, but it is done and can now be used. Thank you.

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