Help with command

im need a command on random joke. Thank you for help :slight_smile:


Look at this pastebin file I use for a trivia command. Note the following aspects of the file:

  • The file starts and ends with square brackets []
  • Each trivia fact is bounded by backticks ``
  • The facts are separated by commas.

Go to and create a file for a joke command containing an array of jokes that follows the same aspects as detailed above. Once you create it, copy and paste the following command setup into your Nightbot dashboard to create the command. Replace RAW_PASTE_LINK with the raw paste link to your pastebin file (the link looks like

$(eval a=$(urlfetch json RAW_PASTE_LINK);a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])
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@RokettoJanpu Thank you :slight_smile:

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