Help with Command

Hello, i would love to create an !elo username command with the ratings from this ladder:

Is it possible? Thank you.

At first glance i would imagine it’s not possible because the stats can’t be viewed without logging in.

There’s a streamer who has a command on his channel that does that, i can type and it works, without being logged in on the platform. I don’t think that he’s even the one that made it, but his mods. Sorry, thought he removed it. Ideas?

Here’s an account if needed :User: User2411 ,Password: passexample1

That website has an API. Its documentation is located here:

You will need to request a developer key, as explained here:

Once you have a developer key you should be able to use the API by combining Nightbot’s eval and urlfetch variables.

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can anyone help me create a command im in the process of create a text based rpg game for my twitch chat to play during intermissions

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