Help with addressing $ (user)

I ask for help with setting up the addressing in the section Commands: Custom.
For example, when the user “Tom” writes the word “hello” - the bot answers “Tom, hello.”

How do I set the $ (user) function in the “alias” section?

Your alias can just be to the hello command, as it already uses $(user).

Very is the mistake?

Aliases are other command names, not variables. Variables only go in the message box.

can I make the insertion of the nickname of the user who writes the word “hello”?
If so, how?

Help me, Please

Not sure exactly what you want. You can do something like this (copy paste this in your chat):
!commands add hello $(touser), Hello!

Or if you want to use the Nightbot custom command page, leave alias empty, set command field as “hello”, and the message field “$(touser), Hello”.

When user Tom writes “hello”, Nightbot will respond with “Tom, Hello!”

Don’t know what you are referring to with alias in this case.

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it seems it worked out. Thanks!!!

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