Help with a METAR api

Need help pulling basic text output from this api.
The link will show the api it needs to point to. Would like nightbot command to be !Metar {icao}
icao is the airports “code” to know what airports information to pull.
For example a person would type !Metar KLAX
Then in chat nightbot would return: KLAX 190353Z 24011KT 10SM CLR 13/09 A3000 RMK AO2 SLP158 T01330094

Type this into your chat:

!addcom !metar $(urlfetch$(querystring))

That does not pull from the source I stated. So, no thanks, that doesn’t help.

Nightbot does not allow to send headers with any $(urlfetch) requests, and the API requires that to return any valid results (

I assume @am_1 set his API endpoint up to forward requests to the one you linked, so for now that would be your only option.

ah okay. yeah I was thrown off by the header with the authentication. so he just routed through heroku. I was skeptical with the herokuapp, cause i’ve heard viruses getting passed through it. In that case, Thank you @am_1 :smiley:

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