Help trying to export text after command to file

I’m trying to make a command “!question” that would export the text following it to a text file, either locally, or google docs / Onedrive / Dropbox, ect. (perfer onedrive or google docs).

Once this text file is output, then I can use OBS to display it on stream… any suggestions? I’ve seen a few streamers doing it, and they kept telling me it was a nightbot command that put the file in spreadsheet in google docs…

Ultimately I’d like it to work like this JoeSmith types “!question How do you feel about the current ptr?” and then nightbot would append, or create a text file “JoeSmith; How do you feel about the current ptr?”

Each user that !question message - would be a new line in the text file, or preferably a spreadsheet.

Anyone help me out?

You definitely won’t find a drop-in solution for this. You would need to build an API which accomplishes this task that can be called with our urlfetch variable.

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