help to create commands or know if possible

Hi, I’m interested to know if anyone knows if there is a way to create a command that tells me the first 3 people who wrote “X” word in the chat. The idea is to play with viewers, I write a command example:! Play (the word) and another command tells me the first 3 people who wrote the word that I put in the first command example! Winners (first user) (second user) ) (third user) and that can be restarted for the next game. I know it’s a lot and surely it can not be done but maybe some custom apis or someone who knows more about commands than me and can help me. Anyway, if you can do it or not tell me. thank you very much (sorry my english I’m still learning)

Sorry but Nightbot doesn’t have a ‘recent message search’ function that would be able to do this.

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