Help required for youtube live stream commands!

Guys we have a study channel and need a time calculator sort of thing for the viewers…like when the user writes !start his stopwatch starts and when he writes !stop
it should show the amount of time he was there…pls help me with the codes!!!

Check out:

Thnks a lot…But there is only 1 problem-
the !start command works just fine it says that the timer has started but when i write !time or !stop after it…it says that “no timer has been started”.

Heya! That ‘bug’ should be fixed now, please try again!
However reading your comments, not sure if this timer will work for your use-case. This script is limited to 1 timer per channel, users inside that channel cant have separate timers…

Thanks!I will try it once again.

Ehhrr, sorry about that, I had to make another slight adjustment after my comment, which I think really fixed the problem.

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