help $(random.chatter)

I want to know how to make a! slap $ (user) has slapped $ (random chatter), but the $ (random chatter) does not work, I get an empty answer, and I have not found any answer to solve the “problem”, thank you very much


Nightbot doesn’t have a random chatter variable. Instead there is a custom API that returns a random viewer name from a channel:

!addcom -cd=5 !slap $(user) has slapped $(urlfetch$(channel))

also poor that, but I get it, invariable answer, nose where to put the name of my channel, php?channel=$(channel)), in which of the two I put the name of my channel. thank you

You can copy and paste the command setup as is. The $(channel) variable will automatically be replaced with your channel name.

thank you very much friend, I’m delighted xD

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