Help pulling a countdown timer from website?

I’m about a day old in my experience with nightbot, and have no real coding experience, just a semester of python. I’m trying to make a command that pulls the countdown from and drops the value into chat. for example:

Slient_Assassin: !nms

Nightbot: Only [XXd XXh XXm XXs] until No Man’s Sky!

I would also be okay with just implementing a timer within the channel, using the timers section, but I couldn’t figure that out either.
I don’t want it just done for me, I would prefer to be able to work and learn to become self sufficient.

Hi, if you want to pull data straight from a website, you will need the UrlFetch variable. This variable displays the source of that webpage. You will need a webpage that creates plain text, no javascript, no html tags etc, max 400 characters.

But you can use the countdown variable in Nightbot, just enter the date, time and timezone and the countdown will be calculated.

So for “No Man’s Sky” for example:
!commands add !countdown Only $(countdown 06/22/2016 00:00 AM CET) until No Man's Sky!

Thank you very much. I tried urlfetch and it told me that it was more than 400 characters. I’ll use the countdown command.

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