Help Night, my donation glitched

As seen here

a bitcoin donation registered as like a million dollars when it was only 10 dollars , any way you can fix this. Honestly have no idea what happened

please help!

It also messes up my stats and makes my fee higher than it should I think

happened again as seen here:

Ah, crap. Incoming amounts are now in satoshi, which I didn’t notice when converting to them last night.

The issue is now resolved for new incoming amounts, but I need to fix any payments that have already occurred. I’ll update this thread when that has happened.

Everything should be retroactively corrected now.

hey night everything was looking good to go but for some reason it changed back to this:

all the stats are being weird again, it was fixed but idk why it changed that

I reset your stats, so they should get autogenerated the next time you view them.

cool appreciate it Night, thanks for the quick responses

Night I also noticed that my Fee for the invoice is still calculated wrong, must of been from that bitcoin glitch, please fix that when you can :smile:

If you mean the “Current Billing Period” section of the account area, that one pulls info right from the database on page generation. It shouldn’t show you the old information, and in my own testing it shows the correct amount for you already.

It’s (254 * 0.05) + 9.99

The $9.99 is (2% * total_earned) until 9.99

Oh I see now, sorry! Guess I was confused on how the fees were calculated. My apologies sir Night.

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