Help! Mass Deleting Regulars

I’m hoping there is a way to mass delete regs via chat commands, or a way in which I can remove the last promoted regular. It sounds like an odd request, but there is reason behind it. I want to use the Regular rank as a temporary promotion to entitle the chosen person use of regular commands only. This is ideally how I want it to work:

!regulars add $(urlfetch$(channel)). - On a 30min timed command this person is now Guardian/Enforcer/etc, they now have use of some fun commands for reg only ranks.


Then after the 30 mins I want nightbot to delete that person randomly chosen above and select a new person within the stream. I dont know whether its as simple as adding a !regulars delete last or what, or if anyone has an easier or more efficient way of doing this. Thanks for your help.

This isn’t really possible through commands in Nightbot. Mainly because the only way to get the list of regulars is through Nightbot’s API.

May aswell be speaking spanish. What is API?

Since this is a very specific thing you’re asking for it’s not something you can do natively in Nightbot. As was stated the only way to accomplish this is with our API, which you can read documentation for at … If you’re inexperienced with APIs/programming you might wish to commission someone to build an integration, as someone here is unlikely to build such a specific API for you.

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