Help making a command

I want there to be an alias command that will show a list on discord. the list would be then names of the people that have entered a contest. if there is a way it would be nice if someone would please help me do it.

You can add a query using the -a tag. Example:

!commands add !insta -a=!instagram $(query)

The list of names would have to be manually updated as there is no way to do that within Nightbot.

Aaron1281, where do I create the command? I know you have to go to the create a custom command tab, but where does the actuall command go? In the alias section, message section, where? I want to create two commands: One that allows people to request song (it would be !sr), and one that allows people to view the song queue (!sv). How do I do this?

The !sr command is already aliased in Nightbot so you don’t have to do anything. For the !sv command you can copy and paste this into chat:

!commands add !sv -a=!songs list

Or add it as a custom command in the dashboard with this data in each field:
Command: !sv
Message: list
Userlevel/Cooldown:whatever you want
Alias: !songs

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