Help making a command

i get confused trying to figure it out on my own, ive looked at relevent topics it just goes over my head

trying to make a command !wabbajack @[name] where it will say
@[name] got hit by the wabbajack and turned into (with a list of different options)

@[name] should display as whoevers name the command is linked to

if someone could make the command and use like a, b, c as filler for the different options that would be appreciated, i just cant understand how to format the command to make it work :frowning:

!addcom !wabbajack $(touser) got hit by the wabbajack and turned into $(eval o="a,b,c".split(",");o[Math.floor(Math.random()*o.length)])

Use a different character than , if any of the options contain that character.

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@am_1 thank you, worked perfectly <3

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