Help for those that might be having visual problems

Hello everyone,

I was just going through and installed the nightdevs follower alert software. Great tutorial on youtube from night himself if you haven’t watched it. I was having issues with the green background not showing up from the auto generated code that you get what going through the set up process. So I did a little bit of looking around and it turned out that the code I was receiving was missing the “&chroma=true” part. If you insert that in the url anywhere after the “/?” it should work for you. Hope this can help someone out and maybe make it a little easier on the dev team.


good tip but if you are using OBS, you don’t need to use chroma. I assuming you are using xSplit?

I am using OBS, however I was having an issue with the text becoming invisible because of the white filter or having a white square on my screen all the time. I might not have done something right though

White filter?

Pretty much if you are going by the steps it should work flawless.

Some things to understand, for mine I have opacity slider all the way right in CLR Browser

If you are using custom image, All you have to do is make sure it’s size is 580x110 max and .png seems to work the best.

The basic CSS supplied also shouldn’t create any issues. If you happened to have edited anything outside of the walkthrough, that could be causing the issue. I have tested the current walkthrough/alert with no issues what so ever. Might want to recheck your settings.

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