HELP! !duelo command

!addcom !duelo $(urlfetch$(user) ha retado a $(touser) a un duelo a muerte con cuchillos.`La Pelea esta renida pero ambos saben que solo haber un solo ganador.`Se muerden, rasgunan y se pican los ojos el uno al otro.`$(eval u=["$(user)","$(touser)"];u=u[Math.floor(Math.random()*2)];r="GANADOR: "+u;)&i=5&d=1)

Hello! I have that command on my channel and it hasn’t worked for months.
Nightbot only writes the first part of “$(user) ha retado a $(touser) a un duelo a muerte con cuchillos” Afterwards, Nightbot no longer writes the next part to give to the winner ):
Do you know what it is or how can I fix it?:pray:

Hey @Vanesaaa!

Ah yes, that API is dead, sorry.
You can use this one instead: Multiple messages API.
Let me know if you have trouble migrating.

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