Help customizing !giveaway command

I’m trying to add a !giveaway command that can be used somewhat like:
!giveaway | subs | 600s

Basically so that subs can enter and one will be selected after 10 minutes and of course to be changed to anything else in future.

I’ve got no idea how, I thought something like this already existed which could of then been edited but I can’t find anything.


There already exists a giveaway feature on the Nightbot dashboard found here:

There’s no command to start a giveaway, it’s all controlled through the dashboard. You can set the types of users that can join (users, subs, regulars, mods) and how to join the giveaway.

More info here:

Is there no way to make that a command though? I’m a mod, I don’t do much streaming myself but the main channel I mod for is going to start doing some giveaways and asked if I could run it and obviously it’s not my channel or bot.
I already explained to him how he can do it but I was wondering if it were at least possible to be put into command form.

It’s not possible to control giveaways via commands in chat. You’d have to run giveaways for the streamer through the dashboard. To do that, the streamer needs to add you as a manager of their Nightbot.

What you need to do:
1: Go here -
2: Locate your Nightbot user ID in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
3: Copy down your user ID and message it to the streamer.

What the streamer needs to do:
1: Go here -
2: Click “New Manager”
3: Copy and paste your Nightbot user ID into the “User ID” field.
4: Click “Submit”

Once the streamer adds you as a manager of his Nightbot, you can now run giveaways for them on the dashboard. If you’re not sure how to get to his giveaways page:

Go here -
Click your account icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
Click on the streamer’s name.

Okay, I didn’t realise you could add managers like that. That’s pretty cool. Thank you.

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