Help Creating Alias for Queue Commands

I mod for a small twitch channel and i need help creating an alias for the command _!queue join since most of the viewers cannot spell queue, even though its in the title. i have a command called !join which is an alias to _!queue join but whenever i use the !join command all that nightbot says is “Use !queue”.

The streamer used to make the commands.


!queue captures user input, interprets it, modifies it accordingly, and passes it to _!queue which uses that modified input to manage the queue and output an appropriate response to the user. Making !join an alias to _!queue with the input “join” is basically sending raw input to _!queue which it doesn’t know how to use, hence why the response to the user is “Use !queue”.

What the streamer needs to do is:

  1. Go to his list of custom commands at
  2. Copy the entire command response for !queue (not _!queue)
  3. Click “Add Command”
  4. In the Command Name field type !join
  5. In the Message field paste the command response for !queue
  6. In the Alias field type _!queue

After he does this viewers can use both !queue and !join

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