Hello again, how can i set NIGHTBOT, Viewers can play minigame/gamble


sorry for the title dont know what term should i use.

Any help is highly Appreciated!

Well currently there is no way for nightbot to keep track of everyone’s gold really. But it is technically possible to just have a command with a random out put that is like gambling except there would be no currency.

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any idea how to do like that?

Ok answer these first.
What do you want the odds to be of winning?
Do you want them to have to put a number in after the command?
What do you want the min and max win to be?

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command will be
!diamond = result will be random Number of diamond
!gold = …
!Silver = …

Ok I’ll ask again,
What do you want the min and max numbers to be and, what do you want the odd of winning to be? 100% 50%…

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100-1000 just that…

but all i just want is when they type !gold (silver,diamond) they will get random numbers $(user) of gold… (i know it nonsense) it is like ROLLING the DICE!!!

sorry im not good english btw. but thanks alot for the reply and help appreciate it.

Try this:

!addcom !silver $(user) got $(eval Math.floor(Math.random()*900+100)) silver!!!
!addcom !gold $(user) got $(eval Math.floor(Math.random()*900+100)) gold!!!
!addcom !diamond $(user) got $(eval Math.floor(Math.random()*900+100)) diamonds!!!

Those should work how you want them to work :slight_smile:

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btww how add them in command list…
like this?

Get rid of the !addcom and just call the command !silver and keep the message the same

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Thanks alot sir… finally and its working… :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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