Hearthstone winrate command

Hello guys. I’m a moderador in a Hearthstone player.
I would like some help in a command that allows the chat know streamer’s winrate.
Something like a $(count) that maybe give us a percentage.
My idea is something like
!win The streamers winrate today is XY%
But mods every end game add a lose or win
!l - add a lose
!w add a win
And in the end of every live mods do
!reset counter.
Just wanna know if that is possible since Nightbot have any specified command for Hearthstone.
Just wanna know if that is posible nightbot count:
Y or X and split for X+Y, because looks not possible.
Thanks for who took a time for try
Love you all guys <3

I don’t think this specifically would be possible natively at this time, as you could only keep a single count (ie. just wins or losses, not both). If you’re OK with just having a count of wins or losses you may be able to find some example count commands others have shared via search on these forums.

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Hey @loldest159!

I don’t know how I missed your post, I replied to a similar request before, have a look here:

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Thank you guys, I’m gonna search it.
We did a Basic stuff like 2 different counts.
Thanks for everything.
@Emily don’t worry, its too much foruns
I’m gonna study this post and try it in the channel I moderate, thanks <3

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