Having trouble with Donation Visual Alert

I have the clr browser plugin with OBS etc. I also have the follower visual alert that works fine. I followed the steps and also the the video that went along with it. I had the donation visual alert working a couple weeks ago but when someone donated a few days ago it did not show up on stream, I didn’t change any settings, I have the donation command prompt program and that works fine just the visual alert isn’t popping up, I even tried doing &preview=true in the settings and it didn’t come up. However when I put the url into a browser it does work. Any ideas?

I just tested all visuals with my OBS and CLR Browser and worked flawlessly.

Are you using the same versions together? 32 bit OBS with 32 bit CLR Plugin?

Did you add the CSS correctly?

Is the CLR Source size 580x110?

Sorry for pretty basic questions but we just need to confirm everything for troubleshooting.

hmmm, did you upload the sound as .ogg? has to be a .ogg sound…

http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-ogg is the converter we suggest to use on the steps.

let me know if that works after that of if you have done that.

You need to use the CLR Browser I provided in order to play sounds. The one directly from Faruton does not work with sounds.

I want to sort this out tho ahahaha
Now I don’t want you showing your API key but doesn’t your link look like this with the sound attached? This is my current one I use that works in CLR Browser and OBS.
Let me know

EDIT: Night pointed out a VERY valid point. Thanks NIGHT.

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