Having a !1v1 command

I’m trying to make a 1v1 command. Something like this: Me: 0 You: 0
!me+1 = Me: 1 You: 0
I know I can do something with $(count) but I don’t know how to keep the other number the same, maybe with $(query)? Or is there a better option?
Can I do something like !set1v1 -a=!editcom !1v1 Me: $(query1) You: $(query2)?
!set1v1 1 2 => Me: 1 You: 2 Is this somehow possible?

!commands add !1v1 Me: 0 You: 0

!commands add !set1v1 -a=!commands edit !1v1 Me: $(1) You: $(2)

!me+1 and !you+1 commands are possible, but they would be very complex. Let me know if you still want them.

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