HAVE to confirm donations! plus no pop up when sent!

I have set up the alerter and have the sound effect and stream pop up. However the sound only plays when I add a tip myself.

When people donate through the link it does not work - I get the money sent to paypal which I HAVE to confirm every time.

Any help would be appreciated Im so confused why its not showing up on the alerter - why its not going in straight away and why its not making any sound. Only when manual.

I also sent money to myself from another paypal and it doesnt appear on the dashboard or anything - stupid

If you have to confirm anything, then it’s a PayPal configuration error on your behalf. This is definitely not the norm.

If you have issues with the alerters, be specific with which. Are tips logged on the Streamtip website?

I fixed the payment now i dont have to accept it.

Tips are not logging on the system dashboard no mate :confused: when people pay through my link it doesnt pop up either - it seems to be a linking problem which i cannot figure out

The alerter has no issues and works fine when i do it manually.

Any suggestions?

Cheers for help so far.


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