Have Nightbot create command on its own

Hello everyone,
Hope you are doing well during these difficult times.

Do you know any way to make Nightbot meta-create and meddle with commands?
As an example
[\bullet] whenever I’d type !addhi it would create a command !hi which itself would … yeah, I’ll let you imagine what !hi would do.

I suceeded to make Nightbot type the line but it doesn’t seem to respond to itself x)

Thank you for your knowledge!

Hey @wyllich!

To prevent Nightbot from looping, it ignores its own messages.

However, to add command from the chat you can use:

!addcom !command_name <-ul=userlevel> <-cd=cooldown> <-a=alias> command_response

<parameters> are optional*

If you want to learn more, have a look at the documentation.

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