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Have a little silver not showing when Nightbot messages chat

Wondering if anyone knows how to remove the little silver bot that is showing above Nightbot on the picture.

Thanks <3

Hey @ScoobsSB!

This is to replace the sword icon, Twitch’s latest update broke the CSS and therefore it looks like this when it should be inline, NightDev already pushed an update to fix that issue, so you just need to update the extension. That said, if you’re using Firefox, the update might take a bit longer to come as they have a manual review system.

Which extension would this come under that needs updating! Appreciate the help! :ok_hand:t2:

Ah, right, you thought it was a Nightbot issue (I edited the category now), it’s a BetterTTV issue as it’s that extension that replaces the sword icon with that one, so make sure your BetterTTV extension is up to date.

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