Going to add other payment methods?

i’ve being using streamtip for a long time, and now other donation sites like twitchalerts or gamingforgood have other payment methods, i was wondering if you guys going to add some to. because not everyone use paypal and some viewers just dont have a paypal account, or they are just to lazy to create one so they just dont donate cause we dont have credit card or other mothods…sorry for bad english, best wishes from Peru.

Streamtip is not a payment processor, so we do not have the ability to accept any payment method. If we did, we would need to be responsible for tax accounting for all users, which isn’t feasible for a free service. Therefore, we integrate third party processors like PayPal and Coinbase for people to tip through, and we simply track the payments being sent.

TwitchAlerts, as far as I’ve been made aware, only supports the same payment method we do, PayPal. GamingForGood piggy backs on G2A Pay, which is not a payment provider we are looking to integrate with, sorry.

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ohh i understand now, ty night :slight_smile: have a nice day.

TwitchAlerts also accepts Visa and Mastercard. I donate through it using prepaid credit cards, but have no way of donating via streamtip.

you could add those cards to your paypal and then donate through paypal, as paypal allows you to put prepaid cards and such on your account.

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