Goal widget doesn't show up in OBS



After setting everything up in my OBS (x64) setup with different CLR browsers, i’ve crossed an issue that my goal widget doesn’t work with StreamTip. It just doesn’t show up at all as it is shown when entering the URL.

I’ve got the newest OBS installed (Re-installed), and everything works fine besides this widget. Have i missed a part regarding this? Do i need to add something in the CSS tap etc?

I’m using WINS 10 pro.

I’ve tried very hard to find a thread addressing to this particular issue, but sadly found none.



This seems to be working find on my end.

Make sure that the link your using in your OBS browser is something of the type:


Also confirm that the goal is set to active. If you need to generate a new link use the Goal Widget Button listed on the top of the Goals page.


Hi Aaron128l

Thank you for your answer.

The link as mentioned is correct in the CRL browser, and also is to set as “active”, but still isn’t working.

Do you have any other ideas?

  • I’m also going to check if my KaserpSky is blocking something when i get home from work. I’m not sure if it does due the other CLR browsers are working.


Put that hosted link into a web browser. If you can see the goal then something is off in your settings in OBS. If you cannot see it, then something may be blocking it in some fashion.


Hi again.

I’ve turned off KasperSky for a moment, and through windows firewall allowed everything regarding OBS etc. Still ain’t working.

I did notice that OBS mentioned that some plugins with OBS would not work as good as others with windows 10, but either way this wouldn’t explain that other CLR browsers work.

Do you have any other ideas besides firewall and kaspersky to be checked regarding blocking it?


I’ve also tryed going through Twitch Alerts website today as a “test”, and their links doens’t show up either in my OBS.

I do also have updated everything, as well what OBS recommend.


I suggest reaching out the the OBS plugin developer faruton on their forums or IRC since it appears to be an issue with the plugin, not our code: https://obsproject.com/forum/


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