Goal including test tips that were removed

Is there any way to fix my goal and only display the current tips that are in the account? It shows the incorrect amount because of when I tested the overlay. In my recent tips section (I deleted the tests) it shows the correct amount but the goal adds in the deleted tests. Can’t see a way to remove the test tips, they don’t even show in my tips that I’ve received anymore either after deleting but they affect my goal.

Trying to resolve this issue before I start streaming tonight–I want my viewers to have accurate data. I’ve searched and searched, I haven’t found a fix.

This should be fixed for you now. Manually added tips do not count towards goals since they are not necessarily real money. Unfortunately since you made the goal “retroactive” when creating it, you set those transactions to be associated with the goal. It isn’t possible to delete transactions, and they just become hidden from view when you delete them. This will be fixed in a future update to Streamtip.

Thank you very much!

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