Glitchy Log in for Twitch

I have been trying to log into stream tip and everytime get onto the login page and login with twitch, it keeps redirecting me from the login page to the dashboard over and over and there is no way to combat it. I have tried solutions for other problems, but haven’t found anything exactly like mine. I get no errors, it just happens.

After you login with Twitch you’re supposed to be redirected to your Streamtip dashboard.

Yes, and it redirects me right back to the login as if I hadn’t logged in and then puts me back to the dashboard, etc.

Do you have a video of this occurring. I’m not sure I understand the problem. If it’s sending you to the dashboard then you’re being logged in fine.

I can record a vid real quick. how do ou want me to give it to you? (can I post it here?)

I have a video recorded, but I can’t see a way to show this to you. You’re the boss at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:

What might be easiest is uploading a video as unlisted to YouTube and sharing the link here.

Here ya go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try clearing your cookies and cache, and seeing if that fixes the problem. From your video, you never logged into a service.

Hee Got the same problem when I login to the site it keeps sending me back to the first page!

Any fix yet?

Same problem here i cannot login with my twitch account on any device or account that i used so far. I would like to donate to my favourite streamer but i can’t. Please fix it. Thanks.

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