Glitch when uploading emotes, and question

I tried uploading a custom emote to my channel, and it kept saying that the upload failed, so i kept trying, but then It said i hit the limit of submitting too many emotes? Is it possible to check if my emote submitted properly?

You can check your emote status at each emote has a status. Check your emote size if your upload is failing as it’s probably larger than intended.

If there was an error and the upload failed then the emote wasn’t sent. An error means you weren’t meeting some of the checks when uploading the emote: usually that it was smaller than 100x100 or bigger than 112x112. Less commonly that you attempted to upload a broken image or other such thing.

It shows me as having no custom emotes, and Its not letting me upload any more because im at the limit

still looking for an answer on this

You need to wait for the cooldown to expire. It expires a week after the first emote was uploaded.

this does not answer my question in any way.

There is a limit to the number of times you can attempt to upload emotes per week, which is 5 per week for non-pro bttv users and 25 for pro users I believe.

This means even if the emote fails to upload for any reason (e.g. the emote being the wrong size), this still counts as an upload attempt towards the weekly limit of 5.

Alright, thank you :slight_smile:

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