Giving users custom "titles" or "ranks"

I want to start giving my users ranks/titles like General, Major, Buttface, etc, and I was hoping I could make a command for people to be able to see what their title is. So maybe something like “!whoami” and nightbot would respond “You are General (user)”. Any ideas how I could make something like this?

Nightbot doesn’t have any loyalty or ranking system to make this possible. The only system we have to promote users to is a ‘regular’ userlevel but it cannot be renamed. Sorry.

Could it be done with a custom API?

Sure, if you wanted to manually give each username a different rank and then have Nightbot display it from the $(user) then have at it. If you really wanted to go in-depth you could also add a command to change or maybe up a users rank through Nightbot. It should be noted that Nightbot doesn’t track user length of how long they remain in chat.

You can also use Nightbot’s API if it would assist you.

My main problem is that I have very little programming experience. So a lot of the things I want to do I’m not even sure where to start.

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