Giveaways picking marking users as eligible when they are not

It’s been 3 times already when I run a Keyword giveaway that the winner chosen did not even entered the keyword, or was elegible for a previous giveaway but did not enter the keyword for the new one.
It’s just a terrible experience for me and for viewers to see they stay engaged and then a winner comes up that did not even participate. Please fix this.

Hey @bearclaymore!

You need to reset the users’ eligibility once a winner has been chosen.

Ok, good to know. An info label there would be great, however how did it also drew a winner even on the first giveaway of a session? Do you need to hit reset eligibility even when switching the type of giveaway?

That’s fair! Maybe the dev will have a bit of time to improve it, but I can’t promise anything.

Yes, since the giveaway tab opens on the Active user option, and that it starts adding eligible users as soon as it connects to chat, by the time you will have changed the giveaway type, you’ll need to reset the users’ eligibility just to be sure people didn’t sneak in by mistake. If you announce the giveaway keyword after you’ve reset the eligibility, then you should have no issue in the future.

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