Giveaways not working


Im trying to set up a giveaway but I dont get any eligible users. The bar for setting subscribers luck is grey. I don’t know what can be wrong. I’ve tried different computers, browsers and LAN. I’ve tried to part the channel and then connect the channel. I’ve tried it all but nothing works. What can be wrong?

Are you sure Nightbot is in your chat? It can only perform a giveaway for chat it can see.

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Yes it is in my chat and is a mod too. When I go in on the website and go into the giveaway-page, the bar for draging subscribers luck is grey and not blue. I don’t know what to do

Hey @Donluspen!

Do you still experience the issue?
If yes, I’d suggest logging out of the dashboard (click on your profile picture on the top right corner), and then logging back in.

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